All About Us

Project SoundCheck™ is a sexual harassment and assault prevention initiative. It is a joint creation of the Sexual Assault Network and the Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women. We want to bring our festivals, venues, and community together to challenge bystander apathy; the tendency to ignore incidents of sexual harassment and assault in large group situations where people feel less responsibility for others, or assume another person will intervene.

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Why We Do What We Do

At Project SoundCheck™ we see the international momentum around preventing sexual harassment and assault. We believe in the ability of venue owners and event/festivals organizers to create a culture that promotes consent and challenges all of the factors that allow sexual harassment and assault to thrive. Our project knows that through providing bystander intervention training and strategic prevention tools, we can work in collaboration with organizers and owners to create social change and foster more inclusive and safer events.

Sexual Violence at Festivals - The Research

Sexual Violence at Festival: The Research

What is Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault?

What is Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault?

Why is Bystander Intervention Important

Why is Bystander Intervention Important?

What We Do

We know that preventing sexual violence means creating an event culture where this will not be tolerated. When people feel comfortable to intervene, you prevent sexual violence. When your festival grounds are safe, you prevent sexual violence. When your event messaging speaks to sexual violence prevention, you prevent sexual assault.

 Bystander Intervention Training

Training your staff, volunteers, first aid responders, and security in bystander intervention is the first step to preventing sexual harassment and assault. We have worked with sexual violence experts, musicians, event organizers, and volunteers to tailor our training with the goal of building the necessary prevention knowledge and skills.

 Resource Materials

Wondering where you can get more information on how to change event culture? This is the section for you. We know that information is key when it comes to building confidence and decreasing barriers to intervening.

 Safety Audits

You have trained all of your volunteers, and you are looking to do more to prevent sexual harassment and assault. We have worked with safety audit, sexual violence, and logistical experts to design a tool that can increase inclusivity and bring awareness to concerns that could contribute to sexual assault. It is collaborative and designed to provide solutions.

 Messaging & Protocols

A major contributor to changing event culture is to provide messaging to attendees that harassment or violence of any kind will not be tolerated.  We will work with events to create an individual messaging framework, which will further support the creation of a safer and more inclusive event for attendees.

 Train the Trainer

We have expanded Project SoundCheck™, and are joining with Sexual Assault Centres throughout Canada to provide our training to festivals in their cities.  If you are a festival, contact us and we can help make a connection

What They Say

“We hear a lot of stories about how people used some of the tools they learned to check in on someone, whether they outright asked someone if they were okay, or interrupted a situation to ask where the bathroom is. We often hear that people didn’t realize that just starting a small conversation can be a way to check in with someone. It only takes a few minutes, and it can mean so much to that person having difficulty to know that someone took the time to look out for them.”

Anna Wood, HR Manager, RBC Bluesfest

“They provided tips to our planning team members on what each individual should look out for and how to handle anything that they may have experienced at our annual event. Each HOPE individual was so engaged and interested and the staff presenting from Project SoundCheck were so knowledgeable. This is a training session we feel all festivals and events should partake in cause the more eyes you have actively involved, and the more informed we all become, we can all collectively prevent more people from getting hurt.”
Laura Andrews, Operations/Logistics Manager, HOPE Volleyball

“The SAN coordinators did a great job in training our festival staff and volunteers by teaching them what to look out for and address in their surroundings while on site at the event.”
Escapade Music Festival

“Beau’s Brewing Co is run by family and friends. We’re committed to the Bill & Ted philosophy, “Be Excellent to Each Other”, and we expect that guests at our events behave the same way. We’re committed to doing everything we can to provide a welcoming and safe environment for everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, gender identity, age, race, or religion. Because we produce beer-centric festivals that are open to all ages, security and safety are top-of-mind for us. We work to secure these spaces with security teams that are trained in sexual harassment prevention, and we post a Safe Space statement both on the websites and physically on the grounds of the event. We hope that publicly stating our expectations will help to set a tone for behaviour.
Project SoundCheck helps to enhance these measures, and is an important partner for us because they assist in training our volunteers and staff to be aware of, and help prevent, sexual violence. Prevention is the most important factor for us; we recognize that studies have shown large events have heightened risk factors, and our goal is to be as proactive as possible to prevent these kinds of incidences. Project SoundCheck’s innovative and collaborative approach has helped us to train 850 volunteers and staff so far in our first year of partnership, and we look forward to working with them again to help provide safe, secure, and fun environments for all of our guests.”
Josh Gottlieb, Beau’s Brewing Co.

Wondering who our past and current partners are?
RBC Bluesfest, Cityfolk, Hope Volleyball, Ottawa Capital Pride, Glowfair, Ottawa Explosion Weekend, Westfest, Fringe Festival, OH Canada, Media Styles, House of Paint, Ottawa International Animation Festival, Escapade Music Festival, Ottawa Rock Camp for Girls, Arboretum Music Festival, Beau’s Octoberfest, Up Here, House of Targ, Pressed, Bar Robo, Summit Series LLC, (Summit LA2017), Uphere, TOERSA Security.

Thank You

We would like to thank our funder, Crime Prevention Ottawa.  Without their support the development of this project would not have been possible.

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250 City Centre, #601
Ottawa, ON
K1R 7R7

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